Living Forward for First Responders

In this book are thoughts, quotes, and things that I have either written, heard, or that have been shared with me in my experience as a grief and trauma therapist and as a first responder in my community. My hope is that you will find validation, acknowledgment, and perhaps some inspiration for living forward with challenges that you may experience in your work as a first responder.

Introduction by Lynn Shiner

Forward by Ali W. Rothrock

By Lisa Zoll with Ali W. Rothrock

This is a story about a young boy named Drew. Drew has a pet hamster named Sprinkles. One weekend, Drew takes Sprinkle to visit his cousins. When Drew and his cousins come back form a day of riding bikes and playing baseball at the park, Drew discovers that Sprinkles has died. This story is for children and adults about who have experienced death and grief in their lives. It explains some of the common reactions that may occur when this loss(es) occur. The Grief Thief is introduced in this story. A Grief Thief is someone who squishes your feelings when you lose someone or something that you love. The moral of the story is, "Don't let a Grief Thief Steal what you feel." Tips for parents and caregivers are included.

By Lisa Zoll & Jason Schwartzman

This is the Black & White Version of the book. Grief is complex, and everyone’s journey is unique. It is our hope that this book lays a foundation to help grievers understand common reactions to their loss(es), validate their grief responses, encourage the telling of their story, and provide supportive advice to family and friends. This self-help book is divided into four unique parts:

  • An Introduction to Grief

  • A grief Trajectory

  • The "R" Words

  • Supporting the Griever

By Lisa Zoll & Lynn Shiner