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Licensed to Practice in PA, MD, VA, WV, NY, and MA

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Working with individuals experiencing grief and/or trauma is the foundation of what we do at Grief Relief. Our team is focused on helping you navigate challenging life events.

Living Forward is the training, consulting, and speaking platform of Grief Relief. We provide a variety of presentations that will inspire, train, and motivate participants.

GRIT is the crisis intervention platform of Grief Relief. When a traumatic event occurs, it can impact everyone involved. Through Critical Incident Stress Management, we help those impacted by the event.

GROW is the mobile services platform of Grief Relief. Our mobile office brings our specialized services directly to your organization. These services can be provided on the individual level or group level.

Grief Relief is excited to partner with On the Job and Off's First Responders Assistance Program (FRAP) to provide first responders better access to mental health services.

"My grief included anger, irritability, sleeplessness, not running fire calls, not spending time at the fire house, time off work, therapy, and medication. The hardest part of reaching out for help is understanding and admitting you have an issue. People are afraid it will make people see them as weak. It doesn’t make people weak to ask for help, it takes courage to ask for help and tell somebody that you don’t know how to handle what is going on. Don’t keep it all bundled up inside. You need to tell somebody that understands and knows how to help."

-Cumberland County First Responder

What Patients are Saying

"Lisa has been so wonderful! I would highly recommend her for anyone going through grief or counseling in general. The staff here are kind , compassionate, and understanding."

Patient Review

Featured in The New York Times

“People don’t feel like they have the right to grieve,” said Lisa S. Zoll, a licensed clinical social worker in Lemoyne, Pa., who specializes in grief counseling. “A year into this, the losses are piling up. I just had this conversation in my office when this person said, ‘I can’t complain about my grief, because people have it worse.’ But we have to correct that thinking. Your grief is your grief. You can’t compare it to other people’s.”

Tara Parker-Pope,
The New York Times

Our Mission

Our mission is joining with members of the community in a space that allows them to navigate stressful life events at their own pace. Our goal is to facilitate the healing journey by identifying ways to process past experiences and embrace the possibilities of the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide expert services customized to meet the unique needs of the individuals, families, groups, communities, and the organizations we serve.