Miguel Perez, LSW

Miguel is a bi-lingual Licensed Social Worker who speaks both English and Spanish fluently. He initially began his career as a child and family trauma therapist focusing on families who have experienced domestic violence. Miguel continued his work at clinics with integrative care with doctors, police officers, lawyers, and schools to meet his client's needs. Miguel enjoys meeting people where they are at and fully elaborating on the therapeutic process to understand what is working, what things clients wishes to see more of or what needs changed.

Miguel's preferred modality is CBT. Assisting clients in how thoughts, feelings and behaviors are intertwined. When we experience trauma, our thoughts can become distorted due to the changes that have occurred in the brain from the traumatic experience. When we reevaluate these though processes, we can make sense or form a better understanding of our own behaviors, thoughts and emotions. With trauma it can feel hopeless and, in some instances, like everyone is against you. Miguel assists in challenging these distortions to build hope and make light with reality.

Miguel is trained in child and family stress intervention and has experience using trauma focused CBT. Miguel specializes working with clients who may have concerns with: ADHD, PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Somatic Disorder, LGBT+, family therapy, OCD, and social anxiety. Miguel is currently working towards his clinical license.